Membership Benefits

Shop & Save From our Member Patners

Our exclusive affiliations with local merchants can help you save

when you shop or dine.It's a reward that every TATA member can enjoy, and it's so simple to use-no forms to fill out; no codes to remember. Just Flash Your Card Walk into any of our partner establishments show your TATA Member card, and your savings will be calculated on the spot!

Business Discounts Offered

S.No # #
1 Apna Bazar, Morrisville 10% Discount (except for the items on sale)
2 Spice & Curry , Durham 10% Discount at Dinner only, all days
3 Paradise Restaurant, Morrisville 10% Discount on dinner, all days
4 Udipi Cafe, Cary 10% discount at Lunch & Dinner if paid in cash
5 Triangle India Market, Cary 10% Discount (except for the items on sale & Rice)
6 Cary Aloha Mind Math 5% discount of first month
7 Sai Krishna Bhavan 10% Discount at Dinner only
8 $10 Discount - Use code:YUPPTATA10 on Telugu yearly packages

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